Facts You Should Know


Vertebrae (the bones in your spine) fit together so that the energy of LIFE produced in your brain may travel down the spinal cord and over the nerves to all parts of your body. This LIFE energy is responsible for growth, repair, and healing in your entire body. Nerves become stretched or twisted (commonly referred to as a nerve "pinch") when vertebrae are out of their natural alignment and the vital communication system in the body is disrupted. This neurological disturbance is called a subluxation, and it may result in the failure of one or more parts of the body, as well as poor health in general. Subluxations can also foster the onset of sickness and disease as the body weakens. Call 603.753.4455 to get checked for subluxation


When you come into our office we take a complete, detailed health history which enables us to determine what your greatest concerns are. Upon reviewing your history, a thorough chiropractic spinal examination, including physical, neurological and orthopedic tests are done. Diagnostic x-rays are taken when indicated and laboratory tests will be recommended when necessary. You are given our complete report of findings based upon your chiropractic spinal examination. A customized chiropractic care plan is created in order to help guide you on your path towards optimum health. We expect you to take an active role and participate in your chiropractic care plan to help us achieve your goals. Re-examinations are performed on a regular basis. This helps us to determine your continued path to increased body, mind and spiritual wellness. Call us at 603.753.4455 for your appointment!

A growing number of parents, concerned citizens and doctors are questioning a medical practice that for a long time has been taken for granted and gone largely unchallenged. Although the medical community admits there are some minor risks associated with the use of vaccines, such as fever and soreness, only recently have far more dangerous side effects and consequences been discussed on a wide scale within both grassroots organizations as well as medical studies and books.

You may have heard that immunizations are required for your child to attend school when in fact it is a matter of choice. Although vaccines are legally mandated there are actually three exemption possibilities in most cases. You may be exempt from vaccinations under medical, religious or philosophical reasons, yet these exemptions are usually downplayed. Exemption forms are available from your local health department.

Ask eight, before you vaccinate!!!

1-  Is my child sick right now?
2-  Has my child had a bad reaction to a vaccination before?
3-  Does my child have a personal or family history of:
            -vaccine reactions;
            -convulsions or neurological disorders;
            -or, immune system disorders?
4-  Do I know if my child is at a high risk of reacting?
5-  Do I know how to identify a vaccine reaction?
6-  Do I know how to report a vaccine reaction?
7-  Do I know the vaccine manufacturer's name and lot number?
8-  Do I know I have a choice?

Make sure to ask your doctor for thimerosal (mercury) free vaccinations.

This short discussion is not meant to advise you whether or not to vaccinate your child. That important decision is your choice. Our goal is to encourage you to become better educated about the potential side affects of vaccines, so you can make a truly informed decision regarding your health and the health of your family.

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