In your own words, please explain your reason for seeking chiropractic care, and any initial complaints. What advice would you give to a friend, co-worker or loved one who was considering taking a step toward better health through chiropractic? And finally, how has chiropractic made a difference in your life? Thank you for sharing.

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I first started at Infinite Health due to Peripheral Neuropathy in my hands and feet. If I was on my feet for prolonged periods they would tingle , then burn then ache. I had difficulty hiking, gardening and even cooking. These problems were going on for about 18 months and I had a lack of answers from a neurologist.

When I first came to the office I was nervous at first but the doctors and staff here put me at ease. You can tell they are passionate about their profession and genuinely care about their patients. I really enjoy the friendly, casual atmosphere at Infinite Health.

After 6 adjustments I have experienced improvement with my shoulder tendonitis. My arms used to be asleep when I woke up but that no longer occurs. I also have more mobility in my neck. The neuropathy isn't gone yet by I am encouraged by the current results and very excited about future improvements. I was a skeptic but now I am an advocate!

- Norma O.


I first came to Infinite Health because of an auto accident. I was experiencing lower back pain and it was interfering with my playing basketball and baseball as well as my routine exercise. I was experiencing this pain for a while and decided to try chiropractic after getting advice from a good friend.

When I first came to the office I noticed Dr. Sam was very detailed and went through the exam step by step. His staff was also very helpful and professional. IN about amonth I noticed I was sleeping better and I had less pain. Chiropractic has changed my life by teaching me better ways to work out and I love the fact that Dr. Sam teaches classes on spinal care.

I recommend that everyone get treatment asap as this is absolutely a very important part of health care. Dr. Sam and his staff are 100% the best!

- Javier W.


My first appointment in Dr. Sam's office was Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011. My wife referrred me to Dr. Sam because of some health issues I was having at the time. She and my sons were being adjusted and were enjoying the benefits of Dr. Sam's care.

In my youth I had injured my neck while being pulled behind a boat on an inner tube. I was a wrestler in high school which resulted in having knee surgeries on both knees and basically abused my body all around. I was having yearly ear infections for four years straight during March and October when the seasons changed. I was also suffering from a rigfht shoulder injury I sustained playing softball and was supposed to have surgery on it, but chickened out the morning of the surgery. I was living in pain and discomfort.

I had sleeping issues and was always tired. I was irritable a lot. I wasn't getting much exercise. I had several allergy tests done to find out what my allergies were. I took Ibuprofen a lot and antibiotics when I had teh ear infections. I had been dealing with these issues for about 5 years until I decided to allow Dr. Sam to treat me. I had only seen a chiropractor once before in my past and and it was only for a few visits. I have this thing about letting someone adjust my neck, so it is hard for me to trust anyone. At the time I didn't realize the health benefits I was receiving and I was pretty healthy so I didn't continue to pursue chiropractic care.

When I finally decided to begin chiropractic care with Dr. Sam, my first impressions were that he was professional and accomodating, but I was still a little untrusting. I expected to be treated the first day, however I was impressed that Dr. Sam, being the professional he is, explained that he would not adjust me until he had ample time to review my x-rays and medical history to determine if I could be helped by chiropractic care.

My first month or two were filled with bi-weekly visits for adjustements that were really a test of my trust with Dr. Sam because again I have this thing about my neck. To be honest, I was really just receiving chiropractic care to appease my wife and was not really paying too much attention to my overall health improvement. It wasn't until I noticed how much better I was sleeping because my shoulder wasn't waking me up that I noticed some real health improvement. Then, the next thing I noticed was October and March coming and going without ear infections. That was awesome. It has been such a relief to not have shoulder pain and not have to be on antiobiotic regiments because of ear infections. I feel grateful that I chickened out on my shoulder surgery because I no longer have pain in my shoulder.

I encourage anyone who has health challenges to first make a commitment to consider chiropractic care. Without a doubt I am benefiting from chiropractic care provided by Dr. Sam. With Dr. Sam's care I am well adjusted and striving to be near perfect.

- Randy A.



 I first began coming to Infinite Health in February of 2006. I was referred to the office by a friend who said Dr Sam could help with my lower back pain and my desire to be happier & healthier. Pain made me come in to the office, and good results and good health have kept me coming back, I found the staff to be very professional and friendly. I believe chiropractic care has helped be me become a more energetic healthy person in my mid 50's. Chiropractic care is one of the BEST things you can do for yourself to stay healthy and maintain energy!

- Janet R. February 2011


I first came to Infinite Health in December of 2010, I was referred by a friend because I was having muscle spasms and lower back pain, which I believe were caused due to me working as an LNA for 10 years. I was having trouble sleeping at night due to my back pain and I wasn't able to play with or pick up my daughter. I had been to a chiropractor before but found Dr Sam's office to be very helpful and gave a lot of educational material so I completely understand how my body works, and my chiropractic helps. After being adjusted, I noticed right away a difference in my life. I can now sleep a whole night without waking up with back pain. I no longer need to take any pain medicine either! Chiropractic care has made me feel better than I have in years!

- Robert B February 2011


My Chiropractic Story
By Bennett B.
I first consulted with Dr Sam after my son, Bennett had been suffering from colic and trouble sleeping. We were experiencing many sleepless nights and Bennett was unable to be soothed. He had been experiencing this for about six months, since he was three weeks old. We had exhausted all medical options and we did not want to try medication.
Upon arriving at Infinite Health Family Chiropractic, I noticed it to be a very nice atmosphere with a great staff. I noticed improvement in Bennett after about 2 ½- 3 weeks. He has improved dramatically with less crying and more sleep at night for all of us! This makes for a happier household all around!
I definitely would suggest to anyone experiencing my same difficulty with colic and sleepless nights to try chiropractic care and Dr Sam.


I have been with Dr. Sam since the summer of 2002! I had a broken back and was frail like an old man. I decided on Chiropractic because MD’s just wanted to cut me. The operations would work for a while, but failed. Chiropractic keeps me walking. Medication was part of my previous treatments, but resulted in loss of memory. This office is happy and friendly. I have been able to walk and I don’t get sick. I saw results at day one with vast improvement. Never give up! – Roger F.


My first appointment with Dr. Sam was in June of 2007. I was uncomfortable and symptoms were getting worse!! My back, side, hip and thigh areas were painful. My physical activities golfing and walking were very limited. I had visits with medical doctors, surgeons and physical therapists. Those treatments were unacceptable with pill therapy. This only "managed" my pain with no "curative" results. Thankfully my friend’s advice led me to Dr. Sam. I was pleasantly surprised with this office! This team is caring, concerned and WILLING TO LISTEN! Chiropractic has helped me by bringing relief to have pain free days! It took me about ten days to see results. It’s helped to let me return to my everyday activities including GOLF! The Staff are all great! Try it, you’ll love it!! – Michael M.