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Getting Well Faster & Staying Well Longer

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  • Health – Our bodies are our temple. Having respect for our bodies and personal responsibility is crucial to well-being. The body is a naturally self-healing/self-regulating masterpiece. When incorporating a healthy lifestyle with an in-tune nervous system, great health results.


  • Responsibility – Taking responsibility is a necessary step for improving health regardless the starting point. Responsibility with time, schedules and financials are also necessary.


  • Open Mindedness – Health comes not only from our office, but actions necessary outside the office. Complete health can only be present when all factors are accounted for. Dr. Sam can point out deficiencies and toxicities in these areas and coach patients on improvements. We trust you will find our recommendations in your best interests in helping you reach your ultimate goals.


  • Education – Knowledge is necessary to make any decision. Decisions on health care are some of the most important in one’s life. Without health, nothing else matters. We attract educated individuals and strive to further their health and lifestyle education.


  • Energy – Chiropractic care is about increasing functional capacity for expressing life. We want you to be energized, uplifted and inspired, both mentally and physically through the processes and care at Infinite Health Family Chiropractic.


  • Personal Growth – Health is not an act, pill, or an adjustment. Health is the expression of one’s total self. We expect our patients to learn and gain information while under care in our office to fully express themselves. Biochemical, physical and neuro-emotional topics are presented regularly to aid in personal growth success.


  • Family – We value our family by giving them our best care as we also get the care needed for our own proper growth. Your family is extremely important to us and we look forward to taking care of all of them. Sharing the growth you receive with your family and community while under care is something we expect out of our patients. We, too, consider the community we live in as family and encourage community outreach and charity support.



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